Man fined over $1100.00 for writing Free Tamara Lich in chalk on Wellington St.
When police become state thugs

Over a year ago in Ottawa, some people at night dug up a no parking sign, which I imagine is likely a crime of some sort, and moved it into a gras

Zak at RPN: Ingrid Carlqvist, the nation of Sweden’s most prominent dissident journalist, joins us to discuss the crisis in Sweden and the new documentary, State of Sweden.

SNL Comic died suddenly at age 32
Coincidence seems to remain the leading cause of death of young healthy people these days.

From SNL Stars Mourn Comic Nick Nemeroff After His Death at 32: 'One of the Greats'

Canadian comic Nick Nemeroff has died at age 32.

News of Nemeroff's passing was confirmed on his official Instagram page Monday. Alongside three photos of the

Tamara Lich, the woman who dared to defy Trudeau, to appear in Ottawa Courthouse on Tuesday, July 5
By Madeline Weld:

It isn’t getting much publicity, but a full-day bail hearing for Tamara Lich is set for Tuesday, July 5, 2022, at the Ottawa Courthouse, starting at 9 a.m. Lich was one of the organizers

Sean Taylor speaks at PPC picnic, July 1, Strathcona Park Ottawa
Quite a few PPC candidates spoke at the Stratchcona event despite the Ottawa government acting in bad faith and withdrawing the permit at the last moment. And that, after the permit itself was issued with conditions that would require a specially equipped Delorian to fulfill.

They will all

FDA and CDC Approve Vaccines for Kids 6 Months and Q & A 28 on America Out Loud PULSE
by Dr. Peter McCullough | Jul 1, 2022 | Health, Politics

Sweden's Birth Rate Dropping Precipitously Every Month
A very unusual pattern this year -- 9 months after young people vaccinated'

'Sweden is NOT alone. I reported on a dramatic (and similar to Sweden) decline in births in Germany, Switzerland, North Dakota, and the UK:'

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