Happy New Year everyone!

Have you visited my blog at 75 Million Pissed Off Patriots lately? Give it a read and follow.


Have you visited my blog, 75 Million Pissed Off Patriots lately? Go give it a read.


Hey Fibbies... gonna come arrest me next? Because I have nothing but the UTMOST CONTEMPT for the scumbags in congress.

I don't buy (p)Resident* Dopey Gropey's poll numbers. 41% approval? C'mon, man!

Those poll numbers are much lower than reported.

Kyle Rittenhouse is just a roof top Korean that was on the ground.

Oh yeah... he actually shot bad guys.

So Fakebook changed it's name to Meta. Who really cares? I've never had an account, and never will.

New post on my blog 75 Million Pissed Off Patriots tonight. Insight into the life of Glypto.


HYSTERICAL!!! The 2021 Baseball World Series is between Texas and Georgia. Two states vilified by nationwide.

Listen closely. Hear that sound? Its the sound of HEADS EXPLODING!!

Its the start of a new work week as a still unjabbed FF/EMT that had the Chi-Com Bug and recovered. I've been exposed to many suspect or COVID positive patients over the last year and a half. I'll take my any day over an experimental jab.

I have lost so much trust in the medical community that I will not get my annual flu shot, or my doctor's recommended shingles vaccine. No one is injecting me with anything.

I just surprised my co-worker with this one.😆

They need to stop calling October "Breast Cancer Awareness" month. I'm pretty sure everyone on Earth is "aware" of breast cancer. They need to call it what it really is: "Breast Cancer Fund Raising and Enriching The Fund Raisers" month.

Yeah, I'm kinda literal that way.

FDA to allow mix-n-match with jab booster shots.

What could possibly go wrong?

QOTD: If the ChiComs successfully launched and tested a hyper-sonic missile, just what the fuck was Space Force doing?

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