This provides a fresh new argument for us! And while it is superficially ridiculous to argue that it is suicide, it is also quite right. The information IS out there to make an informed decision because many here have!

Article retoot -

"The refusal to pay for a vaccine-related death may not be surprising since globally the life insurance industry has been hit with reported claims of $5,5 billion in the first nine months of 2021 versus $3,5 billion for the whole of 2020, according to insurance broker Howden. Dutch insurer Aegon, with two-thirds of its business in the US, said its American claims in the third quarter were $111 million, up from $31 million a year earlier."


"...[S]ome future disaster—whether manufactured, accidental, or natural—is a certainty.

...So if the Wuhan virus was to be the pretext for social engineering in the name of public safety, do you really think they’re going to go home and forget about it just because we can see the facts aren’t on their side? Their agenda is the 100-year-old dream of the Frankfurt School, the whole reason they destroyed the Western canon..."

Excellent, succinct analysis -


Well, well, well...
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And don't forget to read the ENTIRETY of Kirsch's article.


"The Great Reset isn’t even here yet but we can already see a foreshadowing of the way this new global beast system works. There’s no tolerance for free speech.
...What could be more Luciferian than a system where everyone is monitored & controlled, punished & rewarded, based on their obedience to the almighty one-world state & its lapdog media? Everyone must have the same opinions, or keep them to themselves. A world of faceless, heartless, one-size-fits-all cogs..."

And Read the Kirsch article -

See two toots below this one.

“'My Fellow Americans -- Our long national nightmare is over. The pandemic is a thing of the past and I am ordering the end of all federal COVID-related efforts and I implore those governors who have not lifted their emergency orders to do so immediately. It’s time for all of us to get back to normal.'”


Remember -


See toot immediately below this one.

"Although vaccination is recognized as the cause of death by doctors and the insurance company, it has refused to pay out. The reason is because the side effects of the Corona jabs are known and published. They argue that the deceased took part in an experiment at his own risk. Covid-19 in itself is not classed as a 'critical illness'."


Ok, kids, if you haven't read the


of this Kirsch post, why are you slacking off?

It's one of the most important things I've read in two years.

It's a well written summary of the entire train wreck with tons of highlights and great questions...


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