@h4890 @rimugu @brdweb @33ARSH Women do not become slaves after they get themselves knocked up. That's completely absurd. Again, actions have consequences. Women have rights to THEIR body that, just like every other right, is limited to the harm of another person. You can do what you want with your body, but you can't kill another person. And, just like you have responsibilities and obligations when you're a mother to a 1 year old, you have responsibilities and obligations at conception.

Not letting you kill your child = taliban? Horseshit.

So any feminists can be killed because they don;t contribute to human society?
Any 3 year old can be killed because they don't contribute to human society?
Any sick person can be killed because they don't contribute to human society?
Anyone sleeping can be killed because they don't contribute to human society?
@33ARSH @brdweb

Don't Answer the Door ift.tt/6SydNBW

What do you do if someone rings your doorbell at 3 AM? Massad Ayoob has some information on the topic.

I will only include one item from the video.

One of the principle groups who will ring your doorbell at 3 AM is the police. They would be waking you at 3 AM to report that they recovered your stolen car at 2 AM. Which was likely stolen at 1 AM, after you went to bed. …

Trust the science (tm)

If you cared about the science, you would know "fetus" is only a designation for a human development stage. It is already human. There is no biological process other than conception when a non-human turns human.
Women don't become pregnant with non-humans.
But I shouldn't be surprised, its a religion for you and not fact. We are arguing against your murderous instincts bolstered by belief and not facts.

@brdweb @33ARSH

@h4890 @brdweb @rimugu @33ARSH The massive, massive majority of pregnancies are the result of consensual sex. Well over 95%. Whether they choose to become pregnant is irrelevant. Actions have consequences, whether you choose the consequences or not is irrelevant. You consent to an action, and murdering a child is not a normally reasonable solution to a consequence of that action.

It is a disingenuous argument to suggest that support for abortion is about rape and incest. Those who support abortion, support abortion because they don't feel people should have to live with a possible consequence of having sex.

I guess that this is exactly what we're seeing slowly unfolding.



Displayed on a main road in DEEP BLUE Connecticut....many more just like this around the state....makes you think!
81 Million votes? Yeah, f@#k you.

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