@33ARSH well you are hereby granted absolution. Go and sin no more.


A Mastodon named Woodshop didn't care for my response to his series of posts regarding socialization...

I pointed out that socialization begins at home...

And that homes (families) are
breaking down...

Woodshop 🍁 @WoodshopHandman
@33ARSH >reddit spacing
Please do not reply to me again weirdo thank you

Regardless, thanks to Woodshop, I now know what reddit spacing is.


Seems like Woodshop is an Outhouse...


Not that long ago, we didn’t exist.
Those who had the ability to call BULLSHIT on the total fraud being foisted upon us by the corporate media.


Here we are.

They hate us.

It’s nice to be hated.

Especially by such a class.

Genders: (not given in order of importance)
1. Man
2. Woman
3. Mentally Ill if you must insist that 1 and 2 does not comprise the total spectrum.

Good talk.

"On Friday, popular satirical website The Babylon Bee was banned from TikTok, with no reason given as to why the banning occurred. Replying to a screenshot posted to Twitter of The Babylon Bee’s now banned TikTok page, the company’s social media manager said, "the babylon bee got banned on tiktok without being given a reason and with no option to appeal."


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